Well, the summer is approaching, and it is that time of the year when everyone loves to spend quality entertainment time with their family by setting an outdoor mini theater. TV shows with an outdoor projector serve as the perfect recipe to hold everyone for a long session on the couch. However, choosing what to watch with your family is the most challenging part as all the family members would have different choices for TV shows. So to clear the air of confusion, we have created a list of 10 TV shows that you can watch peacefully in your outdoor projector.

  • Modern Family – The name of the show itself that it is a family oriented TV show which showcases how a family deals with daily life in their own comic way. The show is currently on its 11th season, and it revolves around three different parts of that particular family. Starring Ed O’ Neill, Julie Bown, Sofia Vergara and many more, this is show absolutely hilarious, and it will take your family to a joyride during your outdoor session.  
  • Stranger Things – If you want to watch a perfect sci-fi series that you can binge watch with your family, then Stranger Things is the one. It would not only spark nostalgia among your siblings but also among your parents. The story based on a small town in Indiana where young name Will Byers gets lost in Upside Down world. His family, friend, and a police chief faces a creepy creature to get him back alive.     
  • Planet Earth – BBC’s legendary show Planet Earth may not serve as the ideal family show but we can assure the breathtaking visuals will keep everyone on the sofa for hours.  Fantastic landscape, beautiful animals and the narration of David Attenborough makes it a cult show that your whole family will love to watch.
  • The Cosby Show The 80’s classic sitcom “The Cosby Show “must have been a favorite of your mom and dad. If you play them in the outdoor, they will surely love to watch them for hours. It is basically a show based on the ongoing family life of a successful African-American family named Huxtables. The show is called after the lead role Bill Cosby and rest assured you will love the characters.
  • Family TiesThis is another classic 80’s comedy show which will take your whole family in a laughter ride. It is a story of the daily life of two ex-hippies and their children. It is a perfect show that would offer comic relief after a whole day of work. It stars the famous Michael J. Fox as a son of this family, and he is known for this eccentric roles.  
  • Malcolm in the MiddleMalcolm in the Middle is a highly rated TV show that is designed to make everyone in the family laugh. The story goes around a gifted young guy and his dysfunctional family. If your family has a knack toward sensible comedy, then they would fall in love with the show. This show has six seasons, and it stars Bryan Cranston and Frankie Muniz as the lead character in the show.
  • HeartlandHeartland is a family drama that would set the tone of your outdoor session, and we can assure you that no one would get bored. Currently, on its 12th season, it is a long TV series that has a huge fan base. It shows the happy and downside of a multi-generation family living in Alberta, Canada. When you will watch the stunning visuals on the large screen of your outdoor projector setup, you will be mesmerized by its cinematography.
  • The Sopranos Planning to watch a heart punching crime drama series in your backyard? Then The Sopranos is the one you should watch. It is a legendary drama surrounding around the family of a New Jersey mob boss Tony Sopranos. This show highlights not only the ups and downs in professional life but also his family life.
  • A Series of Unfortunate EventsAn adventure drama series, “A Series of Unfortunate Events ” is one of a kind family that you can easily watch with your family. It would grab the interest of every age with its story and character. It is a story of three Baudelaire children who are facing a rough time while trying to uncover dark family secrets after their parent’s death.
  • The Seinfeld – Last but not least, if you desire to watch a sitcom with your family, then there is nothing better than “The Seinfeld.”  It is a nine series long TV series that will showcase you the misadventures of famous stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his neurotic friends.

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