How to Convince People to go on a Hike with You

            Going on a hike for some individuals is one of the most fun things they could do. The fresh air, the workout, the challenge, and the victory are all reasons any person would love a hike. On the other hand, to some, a hike may not be the thing for them. Whenever hiking it is a good idea to bring a friend or family member along so that both of you can be there for one another in case of an emergency. The only challenge is convincing someone to go on a hike with you, especially if hiking is not for them or they really don’t like it. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to convince your potential hiking buddy to go with you on your hike.

Let the Person Know WHY You Love Hiking So Much


Need a Hiking Buddy? Use These Tips and Tricks to Convince ANYONE to go on a Hike With You!
Have fun!

The first thing to try when convincing someone to go on a hike with you is to let them know why you love hiking so much. Let the person in on how hiking makes you happy or what personal benefits you have gotten out of hiking. If you show them how much you love it, then that might give them the spark needed to try to go on a hike. Planting the idea that hiking is so much fun can convince them in their mind, thus giving you your hiking partner.


Emphasize the Benefits from the Hike

            Another trick to try is to emphasize the benefits of the hike. Hiking has many benefits such as exercising benefits that include an increased endurance, stronger muscles, and cardio benefit to the heart. Along with that, hiking can relieve stress. Pretty much any type of exercise can help relieve stress and clear the mind, so hiking is perfect for this. Hiking also allows you to simply enjoy nature and intake the local beauty. These are all very good reasons for which to convince someone to go on a hike with you, especially if it is an individual who loves to exercise.

It’s Free!

            For some money talks, so make it a point to let the potential hiking partner know that hiking is free! Fortunately to individuals who hike, it does not cost any money. Letting the person know that the only thing that is required of them is their time, may make them more willing to go with you. You can’t beat doing something for free anymore in this day in age, so emphasize this point and you will be one step closer to getting someone to go on a hike with you.

Have a Plan of What Both of You Will be Doing

            To some people, having a plan of execution is key. People who like a direct direction of a plan like to know what they are going to do and how they are going to do it. It helps give a sense of security and to feel comfortable in that you will have a plan to keep them safe and in the right direction. It also allows your potential hiking partner to have goals to look forward to. When someone knows the mission, the long-term goals, and the short-term goals, it will give them something to work towards. Depending on the type of person, like a visual learner, a plan can help ease stresses and get you one step closer to getting your hiking partner.

Help to Prepare for the Hike

            Another step to take for convincing a person to go on a hike with you is to help the person prepare for the hike. Getting a person excited for something is key in getting anyone to do anything. By helping to prepare a person’s hiking gear, it will make them feel prepared, excited, and gives something for both of you to bond over before the long hike.

Start Small

            Starting small is very important to do when trying to get someone to go with you on a hike. By starting small, it means to go on small hikes to begin or a short walk instead of going straight into a long hike. Telling a person, that does not hike often, that you want them to go on a 10-mile hike with you, will most likely give that person some major anxiety. Once they get this anxiety from what you told them they most likely will not do it or back out of the hike before hiking day. Avoid this all together and ask the person to go on a short walk with you or on a short hike. Then after going on this hike or walk ask the person to go on a longer hike with you. After seeing that the walk or hike was not bad it will persuade them more to go with you.



Need a Hiking Buddy? Use These Tips and Tricks to Convince ANYONE to go on a Hike With You!
Sometimes you have to play their game.

    Some individuals are negotiators and they will only do something for you if you do something for them. At times this becomes inevitable, especially if you ask something of a person that they do not enjoy at all! This will put you in a situation where you need to compromise. To compromise see what the person would want you to do with them in turn of them going on the hike with you. By doing this you will benefit from having a hiking partner and they will benefit from you doing something for them. A compromise is comprised of a situation where both parties do something the other person does not like but in order to get what you want it requires a pay back of some sort. Compromising is a good way to come to a decision where you can get the hiking partner you need.

Ask the Person of their Hiking Concerns

            When asking a person to hike with you, you may find the individual to be nervous or unsure about the hike. In order to convince them to go with you it sometimes helps to learn about the concerns or uncertainties that they have. To address this problem, ask the person about their concerns about hiking. Once you know their concerns you can help put them to ease by turning their concern into some sort of a positive. For example, if the person says that they are concerned about having the right gear or not knowing what to bring, you can tell that they can borrow some of your items and you can help them pack. By doing this, you are putting their worries to ease, while showing them that this hike is something fun and exciting to do.


By utilizing one or more of these tips to convince people to go on a hike with you, it should not be too difficult to accomplish that task. The person you may be asking to go on a hike with you are all different and it may take a different kind of tactic to use then on someone else. For example one person may see the hike as being free an important factor to them. On the other hand, someone may value a plan of the hike over the hike being free as something that is more important to them. Whatever type of person you ask, you can be sure that one of these tricks will get you the hiking partner you need.


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